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What is a Great Song?

Now I know a lot of you are looking for some kind of magic answer. Some little trick so that you will always find the right ideas. Something you could do so that you would always have some profound vision to express. Many songwriters believe that there is an element of chance or luck involved in creating a hit song.

"There's a saying, 'It's easy to write songs, but very difficult to write great songs.' I'm going through that right now." - Bryan Adams

At first, you will think the rhythm, or the words, or maybe it’s the melody or hook. But if you look past the ingredients to what really makes people want, really need, to hear a song again, it comes down to connection. Think about your favorite songs and what makes them special to you. You feel what the artist is performing, or you get strong mental image or flavor from the song. The song may remind you of a specific time in your life, or a bunch of friends that you miss, or maybe a loved one.


"Some people have said that I can 'hear' a hit song, meaning that I can tell the first time a song is played for me if it has potential. I have been able to hear some of the hits that way, but I can also 'feel' one". - Glen Campbell

No matter what style of music you like, chances are you like it because you relate to the message and it makes you feel something. You have a deep connection emotionally to the song. This is universal, if you go anywhere in the world you will find people deeply connected to music and song. This is the one common denominator that crosses all borders and religious beliefs, music touches people’s souls.

"I didn't really know what I was doing when I started. I just started writing songs. After two songs I just continued to explore it". - Neil Young

Touching the Soul - As a songwriter your job is to establish the connection, to reach your listener, to tell the story that they haven’t thought of, the story that they want to hear. To be the sympathetic ear, or the painter of a fantasy that everyone wants to star in. To express the inner yearnings and desires of all of our souls, this is the job of the songwriter, and the quality that makes a song great.

"I suppose an artist takes the elements of his life and rearranges them and then has them perceived by others as though they were the elements of their lives".
- Paul Simon

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